Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bows, Bows, and more Bows

To all of you interested in Houston or Utah or wherever else you may be:
My sister has made some really cute bows and flowers. I have what is in the pictures but I am also heading to Utah the week of June 8th and can hook you up with pretty much anything you want if you are interested. There are also several different colors of headbands. The bows and flowers just clip onto the headbands so you can switch them out at any time. For girls with longer hair, they don't need a headband but these just clip into their hair. She sells them for a lot cheaper than you can find in many stores so let me know if you are interested. Also she has some "military hats" that you can add flowers or bows to for you Moms! Just let me know.

You can also check out and see if there is anything you like there and I can get it for you!

It is a wonderful day

Our garden has been quite fruitful this year. We have enjoyed a batch of homemade salsa and many sandwiches and BLT's with all of our tomatoes.

We enjoyed a great trip to Arizona to see family. We were able to do a lot of fun things. Sadly, I only took one picture, so if you are interested in other pictures look at Beth and Chris Will's blog, Beth is better at taking pictures then I am. The one picture I took was of Bailey and Ashlee eating together. They shared so well that they took each other's food. It was really funny to watch.
Bailey has been learning a few things this past few weeks. One thing she has learned is to eat Cherrios. It is nice to keep her occupied while we get dinner ready. She is still learning to get them in her mouth though. That will come with time. Also, she has learned to turn the pages of the books that we read. She can only turn the board book pages but it is the cutest thing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Bailey Post

I am not a photographer but I just couldn't help it. I cannot believe how fast Bailey is growing up! Also, I am kind of tired of having people ask if Bailey is a boy despite whatever we do to dress her to show otherwise. I am hoping that the piggies can help with that. Also, I figured Sherri would be proud that her sister is actually doing something fun with her daughter's hair!

I took out the little bows so you could see her cute piggies!
I think we may have a future model on our hands :)
I went to wake Bailey up the other morning and she was sleeping like this. She is so funny, she loves to have a soft blanket over her and she will pull it up over her face, I guess she likes the feel of it.
Bailey has been teething pretty bad the past week or so and I think that by next week she should have a total of 4 teeth. Poor girl, her teeth seem to come in pairs. The next set almost here are her two front teeth. Goodness, she is growing up so fast.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pool, Patio, Personal Progress, and an Amazing Husband

There has been a lot going on this week. Bailey had her first pool party! It was a lot of fun. Although the girls only stayed in the pool for a few minutes, they had a good time. Sadly, they wanted to eat the pool more than play with the water. It is nice to have friends nearby.

We have been wanting patio furniture since we moved into this house. It has been on our wish list and finally we were able to save up and buy some. It will be so nice to be able to do more outside!

I have set a goal to not buy any bread and just make my own. Well, so far so good. However, I have been trying to make this new type of bread for months. Out of nothing more than sheer determination, I have stuck with it. Dave likes the bread I used to make and suggests since it is easier and just as good to stick with it. I guess my pride gets to me. Anyhow, I feel like this last batch is probably the best yet (at least on the outside, I haven't had a piece yet!). It is a whole wheat bread that doesn't taste like whole wheat and is light and fluffy (when made right.) If you are interested in trying it go to and look under the recipes for yeast breads. It is a little more work but I think it tastes good. Since I am in Young Women's and can work on Personal Progress again, I thought this would be a perfect project for that! I am all about developing my talents, and sharing them too :).
My attempt a few weeks ago!

For Mother's Day, Dave and Bailey were so sweet. They made me a homemade card, which I couldn't wish for anything better. Dave even got Bailey to write a little something in it. Also, they got me a beautiful flower to wear to church Sunday. Bailey loved it :). We celebrated the day with no meetings and a Sunday afternoon walk which I have been wanting to do for months but with our busy schedules have not been able to. Then to close off the evening we enjoyed chocolate dipped strawberries and some fun games. I am such a lucky girl. I have such a wonderful family. Also thank you to our Mothers who are such a good influence and example and amazing Grandmothers. Bailey is a lucky girl!

If you look closely on the left you can see Bailey's note to Mom. How cute is that.

And why not a picture of our cutie!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mangos are Messy

She is being trained to catch fish with her hands!

Grandma and Garden Post

This past weekend Mom Jackman came to visit. It was such a blast. Although we didn't do much but enjoy Bailey and chat, we sure had a wonderful time. Bailey was a little hesitant at first with Grandma but by the end of her visit Bailey was chatting, playing, and even cuddling with Grandma. She bought a pool for Bailey and Bailey loved it. Also, Dave and Mom went to the farmer's Market and bought some of the most amazing mangos I have ever tasted. Bailey apparently loved them too. We decided to give her the seed so she could suck out the juice, goodness, she LOVED it.

Our Garden continues to grow. I had no idea that lettuce grew up! Anyway, we are planning to harvest the lettuce this week so the squash and ressurrected cucumbers can grow. We have a few green beans and several tomatoes. It is so neat to have a garden.

Mom's birthday is this month and since we will miss celebrating with her, we thought we would have a little party. Our friends came over and Susan actually had a recent birthday as well, so double the fun! We also had Key lim pie Blue Bell ice cream. If you ever find it in the store, buy it because it is so good.

We had to use a regular diaper for this and although you may not be able to really tell, the diaper weighed about 5 pounds. It was full of water and you can kind of see an extremely pudgy back side and tummy. It was too cute to pass up taking a picture. I was crying from laughing so hard and poor Bailey just wanted to get out.
If you notice, the pink ring on the pool is not inflated...well Mom tried to blow it up and couldn't so we left it this way. Then Dave came home and in about 1 minute had it blown up. Honey, thanks for the lungs of steel!