Thursday, August 20, 2009

11 months on the 23rd

After her first bath.
As Bailey is 11 months in a few days I thought I would post some updates. Sorry there will not be any new pictures this post as I finally sent my camera in to get fixed! Hopefully that will solve all of the problems. Anyway, updates:

Bailey continues to scoot but is getting much faster. She will chase the volleyball around the floor and love it. She is also going in her push up position with greater ease. For those of you who do yoga, she is now a pro at downward facing dog! It is so fun to see her progress.
Dave has named a little stuffed animal rafee (I am not sure of the spelling) and Bailey loves him. The other day as we were playing on the floor, I asked Bailey where Rafee was, she looked around for him, then proceeded to scoot over to him and grab him. I was impressed because she had to move several toys out of the way to get to him. It is amazing what babies can understand even at a young age.

Bailey also still loves books. She will cry if we stop reading. It is one of her favorite things to do.

We continue to enjoy Bailey. She is such a joy to us. It is crazy to think that it has almost been a year. Time flies! These are just a few pictures from a long time ago. It is sure fun to look at them.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can you ever be too proud of a mother?

I just thought I would have a proud mom moment! I thought Katie and Sherri would enjoy the pictures of Bailey's hair. I think it helps that she holds still pretty well. Also, Bailey loves to dance. Her favorite is Salsa with her daddy. It is so cute to hear her giggle.

It looks almost as if she is posing for the picture!

Bailey likes to help around in the kitchen and can fit perfectly under the cabinents. Don't worry, we do watch her and she doesn't sit up here much.

For an update...Bailey as of yesterday figured out how to move forward. She is using her right leg and her hands to scoot along the floor. It is definitely not the fastest mode of transportation but she is moving in the right direction! We are pretty excited although not oblivious to the fact that as soon as she is completely mobile our lives will change.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Utah visit and the HEAT

Bailey and I had a surprise visit to Utah this last week. Brian was going through the temple for the first time and Dave was gracious enough to let us go...thanks honey! We got there Wednesday night and flew home Saturday night. Quick trip, but we sure had fun. I think it was a miracle because on the way there, the only available seat in the plane was first class and the seat next to us happened to be empty (SCORE!). Then on the way home, the entire plane was full except for the seat next to us. I was most grateful for that seeing as we were back in coach and Bailey had to eat dinner on the plane. As you see in the pictures, it would have been quite difficult to feed her with someone next to us. I think they would have also been covered in sweet potatoes!

First Class for the first (and probably last) time

She didn't sleep at all on the way home even though we got home at 10pm. She was this happy the ENTIRE flight. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful baby.

We were able to go to Thanksgiving Point and see the animals and Bailey even rode a horse for the first time. She loved it, a Texan (or Wyoming :)) Cowgirl at heart! Bailey also was able to enjoy a cool wade in the water feature with Grandma. She loved most of it!

Thank you for a wonderful trip to the temple. It was incredible to have so much of the family there. We did miss the Daves and Hezz! Thanks for the wonderful week.

An update on Houston: Guess is HOT!! It is so hot that when Dave mows the lawn he has to find any way to keep the sweat from dripping in his eyes! Thank goodness he is an engineer. I love ya babe.