Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally somewhat of an update

I know that it has been a long time coming sorry! There has been a ton going on. I finally got a new camera and as of a few weeks ago, it stopped working! I think I have a curse. I cannot get the images off the card so once we get a new camera hopefully we can put some fun pictures on here. Here are a few updates for you:

Bailey continues to grow and is loving every minute of our hot summer. Her favorite things are to color in our back patio with sidewalk chalk, swing (which she calls "wing"), eat gogurt on her "sit", go for walks, and play with any kind of water. She is quite the water girl we are so excited for our pool to open. She is talking much more now but continues with her Bailey talk with a few words we understand mingled in here and there. She is a true joy!

We are expecting baby #2 and just found out on Friday that we are having another girl. We are excited for Bailey to have a sister. She is due Oct. 14 so please help us out and pray that a hurricane doesn't come around again! I can't afford to dig fence post holes after being a week late again!

Here are some random pictures for your enjoyment. I was able to get a few pictures off my camera before getting a lens error. We have planted our garden (this is our attempt at an herb garden), Bailey loves to read her books on her reading blanket from Grandma, Bailey's hair is getting longer so I have to get more creative, and life is just good here in Houston.


Rachel said...

Jules - Congrats on the girl! So exciting! You look great too!

Chris and Beth Will said...

Cute girl! I can't wait for Park City because I think our girls will have so much fun playing together.
Sorry about all the camera problems. That is no good at all.
I think we will have to come to Houston to enjoy nice weather this year. We are having a terrible May- weather wise.

thepainterfamily said...


So much great news! Congrats on Baby Girl #2 and what a bummer about that camera! I hope it is resolved soon :)

I will be praying those hurricanes pass houston by this year!!

Amelia said...

I love Bailey's pig tails- too cute! Congrats on Baby #2, that's so exciting!

Dave & Sherri said...

I love seeing you post again! I can't belive how big Bailey is getting or how FANTASTIC you are at doing her hair! You're going to have to help me when you come in a few weeks :) Dave's garden looks great too - what an amazingly motivated guy! LOVE IT! :) I also can't wait for baby #2! We're getting good at the girl thing for sure! :)

Megan said...

Congrats Julie! So happy for you.

Mary Beth said...

How fun to have another girl! Congratulations! Hope things are going well for you. Are you guys melting? We are!