Thursday, January 22, 2009

Exciting things happening in Houston

We have had a busy few weeks and some exciting things. We have decided to start decorating our master bedroom, so we decided to add an accent wall. It took several coats and sadly when we finally got the tape off, some of the 3 coats of red and one coat of primer came off. Needless to say, we understand the value of spending a little extra money to get the good stuff. Anyway, we are excited about the color and look forward to more decoration adventures.

We also got a piano this last week. Our Jackman parents sent us their 30+ year old piano which is perfect for us. Dave has already played Love at Home for Bailey, a request from her grandparents. She seems enthralled by the piano and we are so grateful and excited for the opportunities we will now have with a piano in the home. Thanks Mom and Dad.

I have a favor for any reading this that may have ideas, in the piano picture you can see some shelves above the piano. I am not all that great at decorating yet and could use some ideas as to what classy things I could put on those shelves. Any ideas, send them this way. Also, we seem to be having a hard time with Bailey and tummy time, as is evidenced by the clips, any advice there would be helpful as well.

Primer Coat

Final Coat (Before tape removal)

Monday, January 12, 2009


Sorry it has been a while since the last post. We had a great vacation in Arizona and Utah for Christmas and New Year's. Sadly once again the Cannon camera fails to impress. It only worked for a little bit and it was the day after Christmas!! Anyway, we had a great time. Also, in the last few weeks Bailey has changed so much. She rolled over on Christmas Day, I think it was an accident. She has started "playing" with toys i.e. holding them and quickly putting them right into her mouth. She is also kind of starting to laugh. It is such a joy to be parents and Bailey gets more and more fun everyday.

Thank you to our families we had such a wonderful time with you!