Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blessing and Tea Party

December has been a fun and busy month. The first weekend of December our parents came into town for Maddie's blessing. It was such a delight to have both sets of parents here. We had a lot of fun. We had a girls day out shopping at the fabric store and a guys day hanging Christmas lights. Dave blessed Maddie on Sunday at church and it was a beautiful blessing. I find it interesting that with both girls service was mentioned. Maddie did a good job not crying but managed to spit up and poop out in her blessing dress but thankfully after church was over (at least the poop out and thankfully spit up is white!!). Thanks to Sherri for the dress, the bow and the bracelet. It is truly such a blessing to have such beautiful daughters.
We also had a Grandma and Bailey tea party. Bailey was so excited to wear all of her jewelry and her hat and skirt. She also was quite excited for all of the mini treats, she started eating them before we even started. We have the best Grandmother's in the world. We couldn't ask for better examples for our girls. Thank you for all that you do for Bailey and Maddie.


The Mahi Family said...

What a fantastic blessing dress! Great work on the puzzle Dave!

Dave and Sherri said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures. You do have pretty great grandparents for your girls. We're truly blessed. I'm so happy her blessing went well. I'm still dying I couldn't be there :) She looked amazing! :)