Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good week

This week has been fun for us. First off, we planted a garden. You can tell we do not live in Utah or Wyoming :)! Who would have thought Feb. 28th to be such a good day to plant a garden. We are hoping for more tomatoes this year and are trying out lettuce, peppers, and cucumbers. Sadly, in the picture we have already managed to kill our cucumbers from lack of water oops, so we will try those again today.

Also, Bailey had her first taste of rice cereal the other day. She did much better than we thought she would. There is definately a learning curve but she is doing well. The video is kind of long and more for the grandparents' sakes! Life is good here in Houston.

Bailey likes to do things with her hands. She was even grabbing the umbilical cord in the womb :). I guess that hasn't changed.