Thursday, December 3, 2009

The dancer

Fun Things

The past few weeks have been full of food, crafts, and fun family time. We had a great Thanksgiving this year with just the three of us. Although it was sad to be away from family we sure enjoyed the relaxing Thanksgiving we had. Needless to say with three of us we have had a TON of leftovers.

Also, Bailey took her first step a few weeks ago and has since then taken up to five steps at a time. Her progress is kind of slow but she will get there. We have learned that Bailey has to completely do new things on her own schedule!

I realized that although awkwardly, I can run with this stroller so Bailey have gone on a few outings despite the cold weather. I think she actually enjoys being so bundled up!

I have also had what has seemed like a million projects in limbo the last umm...year or so. I decided to get to it and finish them. Below are a few of them: our bathroom wall which some sort of plant will accompany the art and the laundry room bag holders, thanks to a good friend of Dave's who gave us the wood to sand, stain, and hang!
I made this blanket and burp cloths for a sister in our ward who is having a baby. It sure is fun to do.

Dave has been working on our garden and our first pepper of the fall has come!