Monday, October 12, 2009

A Tribute to of course Bailey

It has been a while sorry. This post is dedicated to our darling little girl Bailey. She has changed so much and continues to change everyday. What a joy she is to us. It is a long post mostly for the grandmas!

Happy 1st Birthday to Bailey!!
These pictures are on Bailey's birthday. Since I scheduled her doctor visit on her birthday, Dave and I ended up unwrapping a lot of her presents. Mean mom I know. Then that night at mutual we celebrated her birtday with singing and with cake. Sadly, I had spent all this time trying to make Bailey's mini cake look like a beach ball. I thought it turned out pretty good. We all went to opening exercises, came back and some little fingers had found the beach ball and it must have tasted good because the finger marks were all over the cake. I was sad but what can you do. We had a fun evening and feel so blessed to have Bailey in our lives.

Bailey's first experience with blueberry muffins. She loved them! However, that isn't unusual, we gave her grapefruit the other day and she LOVED it.

She is old enough to have a forward facing carseat but as we found out at the doctor, she doesn't quite weigh enough yet.

Bailey has started trying to be more "helpful" around the house. She takes things out of the dishwasher, whether clean or not, she helps take clothes out of the laundry basket, whether folded or not. The fun thing is no matter what Dave and I are doing, she just loves to be with us! Who could get mad at a face like this?!?

Bailey has also started gathering "treasures". She will find things around the house and hold on to them while crawling throughout the house. She literally took these foosball balls all around the house just like this.

She loves shoes!! She is my kind of girl.

The end of August we went to Utah to visit family. It was a blast. Bailey just loved uncle Bean!

We went to the zoo as a family to celebrate Bailey's birthday and her favorite part was definately the water feature. She had a great time as did we. She got to pet a goat, see the elephants, and see her favorite, the giraffes.