Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebrations with pictures to follow

I know that we have been out of the blogging scene for a while. Well, this month there has been so much that has happened that a few hours worth of posting and uploading is required. Therefore, since we are headed to Wyoming tonight, this will have to suffice for now.
First off, Bailey is officially crawling now and has been for about a month. A few days after learning to crawl we put her on the stairs and up she went! Funny story, Dave and I were talking about some things at the kitchen table and just figured Bailey was playing downstairs. We heard her playing with an air filter vent and went to check on her only to find her all the way upstairs and having a grand old time. She didn't make a sound going up the stairs and needless to say, we don't forget the stair guard anymore!!
We celebrated Bailey's first birthday on Wednesday. It is amazing to think that a whole year has gone by. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us. We opened presents then quickly took Bailey to the doctor for her physical. (Yes, her mom is mean to take her to get shots on her birthday. Trust me, it will not happen again!) Then we just played all day. For her "party" we had mutual so she got to celebrate with all her favorite youth. She enjoyed an up up cake and we had a great time. We are so grateful to our family and friends for being so supportive of our sweetheart and her special day. Thank you all. We love you.