Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rainy days in Houston

I thought I would post these pictures because I thought it was crazy. On Monday night, we had an incredible thunder storm. Apparently we got 6 inches of rain in one night. If you look at the pile of leaves strategically left in a line, that is how high the water level was. Our neighbor said he looked out at 3:30am and there was a raging river running down our street. I am so grateful for our safety and that Bailey didn't even wake up at all. Needless to say, I was awake from about 2:30am-5:00am with the loud thunder. Maybe she didn't wake up because of the book , Oh, The Wonderful sounds Mr. Brown can do. He makes thunder BOOM, BOOM, BOOM :). A children's book comes to the rescue again!
One thing is the rain has sure made it nice and green here!
Just for fun!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It is Finished

Yes, two posts in one day! I just wanted to show the finished product! It is fun to finally finish something that was started so long ago.

Oh the joy of being a Mom

Bailey got a new swing from Grandma and Grandpa Bishop for Christmas. Now that she is better able to sit up we have set it up and she loves it. It has also been wonderful because the weather has been so nice.

Bailey likes to help out with laundry! We also put her in this basket when we play tennis. It works well!
I think Bailey might have a little bit of naturally curly hair. The other day it was raining all day, so we went for a quick run in the rain and this is what her hair looked like after!

One thing I love about our neighborhood is that there are parks (yes with an s) within walking distance. Bailey loved her first experience on a park swing. (Don't worry she wasn't in it long, I know she doesn't have a hat on!)

Also, I have been working on a kitchen project. It is an idea that I found from Michael's. It is made of styrofoam and scrapbook paper. We purchased some vinyl lettering to fit in the blank spaces and I will post a picture of that when it is done. It may not look professionally done, but it was a lot of fun to make.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Tribute to My Family

I have such a wonderful family. We do so many fun things together and I am so grateful for them both. It gets hard to be so far from extended family but I am so blessed to have these two with me. What a blessing they are to me.

I want to let my sweet husband know how much I love him. One thing I love about Dave is his ZEST for life. He is always so enthusiastic and happy with life. These pictures are just fun memories.
Our one tomato from the garden last year. Now Dave has magically grown more than 10 so far!

What can I say, we just love our little angel. She is changing so much every day. This past week she rolled over from her front to back pretty much every time we put her on her tummy. She also has two teeth...yikes, she is getting so big. She has also continued to eat well. We went on a picnic a few weeks ago and played frisbee and dad and Bailey had some fun times.
Bailey's first experience on grass and surprisingly, she loves it.
Fun at our picnic.
We have a lake right by our house with ducks, so Bailey and I went for a walk and played on the grass while the ducks ate our corn flakes (the only thing we had other than homemade bread, and I am sorry but the ducks don't get to eat that!)
She was all tuckered out after a fun evening with Dad and Mom.

Bailey enjoyed the cucumber although it was hard for her to keep in her hands.

I love this picture, it shows how much Dave loves daddy daughter time!

Bailey is always such a happy baby.

What would I do without my wonderful family?!? They are the greatest.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wonderful Houston

It is crazy to think that a month has already passed by. Things here are great. Sadly, several of the pictures I planned to post got erased from my memory card! I really am not a fan of this camera. Anyway, I figured I would update with words and some pictures. Bailey continues to eat well. We have tried bannanas, sweet potatoes, apple sauce (thanks Mom Bishop), rice cereal, and avacado. She has liked them all. Also, she has started to sit up which she learned quite quickly from watching her cousin Jaylee. One of the pictures we lost was when Bailey was sitting in the laundry basket. She sat there for about 30 minutes playing with her toys while Mom and Dad played Killer Bunnies (you can ask Dave). It was the cutest thing! The pictures below are my meager attempt to put her hair into a small elastic. At least she doesn't have boy hair that is plastered to her head :)!
Also, our garden is doing awesome. We have learned of a few things that do extremely well in Texas: lettuce and peppers. It is fun to make a sandwich and use your own lettuce!Sadly we have also learned what does not do well, which is my favorite garden treat, cucumbers! As you can see they are not doing well and this is our third try!
We feel so blessed for Dave's good job and a wonderful life.

Her bowl got stuck on her ear!

We have already tripled the number of tomatoes we got last year (we have 3!)

squash apparently does well too.

She looks like a little who.